Verizon Media – How to get your story heard

  • OBS! Detta evenemang har genomförts och går inte längre att anmäla sig till.

Guldäggets partner Verizon Media bjuder in KOMMs medlemmar till deras webinar “How to get your story heard”:

Thursday’s webinar will deep dive into why the curation of media is more important than. We’ll look into how online consumer behavior has changed and what we as marketers need to take into consideration when looking to connect and create value for our audience. We’ll show how to use research to uncover online conversations enabling brands to not only show that they care but, also take part in and contribute to topics and courses their audience believe in. The webinar will further use cases to show the potential of a truly curated media strategy for measurable outcomes.

Datum: torsdag 14 maj
Tid: kl. 10:00
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