The 3% Conference

  • OBS! Detta evenemang har genomförts och går inte längre att anmäla sig till.

Christina Knight föreläser om Mad Women på The 3% Conference i San Francisco.

Om konferensen: (

Launched on September 27, 2012, the 3% Conference has exploded into a 2-day, 400-person event in San Francisco, multi-city road shows throughout the year, a vibrant online community on multiple social platforms, a student scholarship fund, a creative award, and a business blog to support the crusade.

Our mission is to support more female creative leadership in advertising agencies because:

– Female consumers deserve to be marketed to from a place of understanding

– Brands deserve to not have their marketing budgets wasted in a 97% testro-fest

– Everyone – especially children — deserve a healthier media diet in the 3,000 ads they consume daily