KOMM x Google – Creative Excellence with Search

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Fördjupa dig mer inom YouTube och Google’s verktyg för insikter i denna serie av webinar med KOMM & Google! Vid varje tillfälle får du lyssna till en eller flera specialister från Google som delar med sig av kunskap inom just sitt specialistområde. Du får en överblick av alla möjligheter med YouTube samt tips för att skapa starkare kreativ och effektivare kampanjer.

Creative Excellence with Search (Session in English)

In this webinar we will be putting the spotlight on how to use “search” in a creative and engaging way across the entire consumer journey. Search is a unique and often underestimated opportunity to better understand consumers. Search can be a direct gateway to decipher human intent. Essentially search could be thought of as an always-on hotline to consumers, who tell us exactly what they want and care about by asking for it. Updated every second. At scale. Without filters.

In this webinar Chris McCarthy will share his view on how brands can translate a deeper understanding of consumer intent into value. And you’ll get a chance to see a few cases where The ZOO has worked with a number of brands across the world to shift from simply being “present” to being “relevant and useful” by using new and innovative search formats.

Föreläsare: Chris McCarthy, Head of Creative Strategy, Google Zoo in EMEA

Datum: 30 september
Tid: kl 15.00 – 15.45
Var: Google Hangouts, Ca 30 min föreläsning + 5-15 min Q&A

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