KOMM and Berghs take a step towards a more heterogeneous sector

Despite a varied composition of members, ranging from advertising people to journalists, artists, economists, political scientists and politicians, the communication sector is relatively homogenous. Komm and Berghs want to change this. A first step in this work is to attract people who would otherwise not see their future in the sector (or even know about it). A broad representation of views, people and perspectives is needed for the sector to continue to be competitive. Komm and Berghs are therefore launching a Future Scholarship.  

The communication sector has a responsibility for defining and stimulating public debate. Therefore, Komm and Berghs are making a joint effort to emphasise socially relevant issues in their sector. One issue that the sector is wrestling with is that it is too homogeneous and too select. Their investigations and experience show a lopsided composition of people as regards class and socioeconomic background, gender, experience, education, working background, ethnicity, language, etc.

”When its articles of association were changed in 2012, KOMM’s members held a mirror to society in order that we might be able to make relevant communication in the future as well This long-term investment in education is an example of one such way, and together we are hoping for financing for more than one scholarship.” says Jessica Bjurström, Chief Executive Officer of KOMM.

”We need to have a better understanding of our reality and look more closely at the talent that is out there in the community. Only then will we be able to attract people who would otherwise not see a future in our sector, or know about it at all,” says Robert Aras, of the HR2020 Committee, KOMM.

Komm and Berghs Future Scholarship is a step towards making recruitment easier in the future and achieving a more heterogeneous sector. The scholarship will provide half of the cost of an elective one or two year course at the Berghs School of Communication. It will be possible to apply for the balance as an additional expenses loan from CSN. Berghs trains the communicators of the future in professional roles such as Art Director, Copywriter, Designer, Digital Creator and Strategist, and in PR, strategy and insight, project management and production management. The scholarship is the result of cooperation between KOMM, KOMM’s member agencies and Berghs.

”Berghs has a desire and responsibility to attract a broader group of applicants with a mix of experience, who want to work in the communication sector. We hope to see applicants for the scholarship who differ from the norm in the sector, because we think that more angles of approach to problems are required, to find new solutions,” says Camilla Wallander, Chief Executive Officer of Berghs.

At least one scholarship applicant will be rewarded with KOMM and Berghs Future Scholarship during 2014 and more may receive the scholarship depending on involvement in the issue by KOMM’s member agencies – as they are involved in financing the initiative together with KOMM and Berghs. The objective of this is long-term input with a new scholarship each year. Applicants for the scholarship will be found primarily through personal contact and networks, but applications can also be sent direct to Berghs, find out more on www.berghs.se/content/stipendier. A scholarship committee will make an all-round assessment on the basis of applications, work samples and interviews.

For further information please contact: 

Jessica Bjurström, Chief Executive Officer, KOMM, +46 73-551 72 73,  jessica.bjurstrom@komm.se
Camilla Wallander, Chief Executive Officer, Berghs, +46 8-587 550 00,  camilla.wallander@berghs.se
Robert Aras, the HR2020 Committee, Komm, +46 70-341 46 09, robert.aras@primegroup.com

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