About us

The Swedish Association of Communication Agencies is a professional association of consultants in nine different disciplines of marketing communication: Action Marketing, Design, Direct Mail, Events, Interactive, Media, Mobile, PR, and Advertising. The association serves as a consultative and inspirationa member organisation, as well as an informative interest group and creator of public opinion.

The association runs an overall main issue; that good communication generates growth. Not even the best of ideas is worth a thing without good communication. Our job is to increase awareness of the importance of good communication within the business world and society. We do this by showing companies and organisations that our members generate growth for Swedish companies by enhancing their competitiveness.

As a membership organisation and creator of public opinion, we run issues for the entire communication industry. We pursue these issues through contacts with politicians and authorities as well as being seen and heard in the media. The Association also presents industry analysis and performs labour market forecasts.

The Swedish Association of Communication Agencies currently has around 280 members. Part of our job is to inspire, educate and help our members make more profitable business. We do this by providing access to legal advice, education and seminars. Our own legal counselor, Christina Nylander, annually educates a hundred or so students in marketing law. We are also offering single day extension courses on the subject since we demand that our members renew their certificates every fourth year.

Since our members are experts when it comes to good communication we have formed committees with members from the agencies in each one to work with different areas of interest; ethics, education, pitch, internationalisation, design, growth, agreements and human resources. The committees will help us in our work to pursue and highlight certain issues within their area. For example the international committee will help us draw attention to Swedish communication by being present when international branch happenings are taking place while the education committee makes sure we have the best education to offer.

To give attention and recognition to our members’ work and their success the association carries through a number of competitions The Golden Egg, Young Lions Sweden, Cannes Lions and Eurobest. The Golden Egg is Sweden’s oldest and largest advertisement competition, celebrating its 55th anniversary in 2016. The annual competition and gala are great sources of inspiration for the industry.

The schools
The association is working closely with our renowned communication schools. We involve students in our competitions and offer scholarships, for example Kycklingstipendiet.

Our vision
Our vision and goal is to improve and expand the collaboration with the communication buyers and to boost the international work in order to keep Sweden on the global map of advertising. We want to be the obvious meeting place – for inspiration, growth and business – for all the consultants working with marketing communication.